Exotic Hong Kong’s Tattoo Designs

Exotic Hong Kong’s Tattoo Designs

Hong Kong  is the one of the hub of tattoo designs so credited to  having evolved various bespoke techniques she is the sector’s most effective professional Chinese language calligraphy and Asian painting tattoo designs artist in Hong Kong. Traversing the globe pursuing her ardour for ink, joey has eclectic revel in throughout a ramification of artistic mediums. Founding tattoo temple Hong Kong  in 2006, hers’ become the primary studio in the region to most effective provide custom creations. Her artwork and philosophy were featured on maximum every global information community and enterprise booklet. She in addition advanced the first tattooed interior design series along main quite a number collaborations at some stage in the usa, europe, asia and is grasp to all resident apprentices

She is targeting half and or full-body compositions meaning one piece of artwork extending from the higher torso to the lower frame. While this does not necessitate areas be absolutely included, many compositions bearing in mind incredibly open aesthetics, this technique ensures the most dynamic and powerful paintings viable.

Hong Kong’s Tattoo Designs

candis-wings-joey-pang-tattoo-temple-hong-kong-hong-kong-tattoo-designs bad-mofo-maoris-back-tattoo-hong-kong-tattoo-desings two-happy-characters-joey-pang-chinese-calligraphy-tattoo-hong-kong-tattoo-designs tribal-sun-tattoos-designs-hong-kong-tattoo-desings tattoo_temple_joey_pang-hong-kong-tattoo-designs simple-chest-tattoos-for-men-hong-kong-tattoo-desings

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