Best Neo Traditional Playing Tattoo Design By Maio Quagliotti

Latest Awesome Neo Traditional Playing Whimsical Tattoo Design By Maio Quagliotti

Whimsical,playing and surreal Neo traditional tattoos Design by Maio Quagliotti Italy.

Latest Maio Quagliotti’s Whimsical,playing Tattoos designs

I love the whimsical works of Maio Quagliotti that look like they jumped straight out of a dreamland story book! Maio Quagliotti is a tattoo artist live in Italy. He currently works at Don’t Panic Tattoo Studio in Lonato Del Garda. So if you ever wonder to fly to Italy, don’t forget to include a visit to your itinerary. You won’t regret it and will feel awesome! Anyway, let’s cut this short. Scroll down, enjoy these designs 😉

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1.Awesome Dapper Gentleman and Demon face Tattoo Design By Maio

1.Awesome Dapper Gentleman and Demon face Tattoo Design By Maio

2.Beautiful Liberata Lady Tattoo Design Art

2.Beautiful Liberata Lady Tattoo Design Art

3.Cute And Happy Playing rib tattoo Design

3.Cute And Happy Playing rib tattoo Design

4.Beautiful pastel colored Tattoo Design By Maio Quagliotti

4.Beautiful pastel colored Tattoo Design By Maio Quagliotti

Awesome Swimmer Tattoos Designs For Swim Tattoos Lovers

Cool And Awesome Swimming Tattoos Designs For Swim Tattoos Lovers That You Love The Most

Getting a swimmer tattoo in your body can be a good idea to represent your love for swimming. What about getting a cool and beautiful minimalist swimmer or, perhaps, a larger piece of tattoo? But,If i talk about my choice then To be honest, the images(tattoos) of swimmers appear awesome in every size and on every spot of the body. Neck, forearm, foot,back, legs and chest etc –

Now!use your imagination! You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to show your passion of swimming in ink.

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 Swim Tattoos Lovers! Here Is Your Passion Of Awesome Swimmer Tattoos Designs!!!

This part of swimmer tattoos gives you a glimpse of possible sizes and styles and cool awesome designs. Be prepared to get hit by some serious swimmer here. I am sure you will like this collection of Swimmer Tattoos Designs.

1.Tattoos Artist Violeta Arús’s Beautiful Art Of Swimmer Tattoo

2.Best and Awesome colorful swimmer tattoo Design

3.Classic traditional swimmer tattoo Design On Thighs