Amazing Arabic Tattoo Designs

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Enigmatic Arabic Tattoo

Remember when we mentioned That Arabic tattoos could be mysterious? Up ’til today, it was rather easy for you to consider the tattoos since we were able to find their meanings. However, we had some difficulty finding out the facts about this one. It appears really beautiful, but we don’t have any idea what exactly does it mean. If you understand the significance of the tattoo then you absolutely have to discuss it with us!

Faith, Hope & Love

faith, hope & love
faith, hope & love

This gorgeous tattoo needless to say, exactly like any tattoo, Arabic tattoos could be decorated farther more. By way of instance, the wearer of the tattoo chose to bring a dove near the words in Arabic and also something which resembles a cloud.

Keep Fighting

keep fighting
keep fighting

This tattoo states “fighter.” Needless to say, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual is a fighter. More probable, Arabic tattoos similar to this are a sign of a person’s strength and will to conquer all obstacles. Your tattoo doesn’t just decorate your entire body. Possessing this tattoo inked along side your own heart will add much more importance to it. Research, you will observe that lots of celebrities proudly wear their Arabic tattoos.



This tattoo states “Maktub” Arabic tattoos already possess some mystery attached to them, which means you may too add your own personal mystical viewpoint. From the mysterious viewpoint, this tattoo points to how everything is called the One (God). It promotes the impression that Destiny exists and it had been written down to you even before you’re born.

Hamsa Arabic Tattoo

hamsa arabic tattoo
hamsa arabic tattoo

Hamsa means five from the Arabic language and it’s among the gorgeous traditional symbols that are fantastic for Arabic tattoos. In Judaism, it reflects God’s presence in all areas on the planet. In the Christian faith, the hamsa is thought to be the hands of the Virgin Mary.



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